Election Orders

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Election Orders
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Building Accommodation Order Dated 25th Feb 25/02/2022 View (315 KB)
Orders for requisition of buildings for accommodation of govt. drivers 08/02/2022 View (351 KB)
Orders regarding requisition of buildings/premises 08/02/2022 View (1 MB)
Medical Board Notice Dated 2nd Feb 02/02/2022 View (162 KB)
Order EEM Team Dated 31st Jan 31/01/2022 View (2 MB)
MCMC Order Dated 31st Jan 31/01/2022 View (382 KB)
DNOs Order Dated 29th Jan 29/01/2022 View (585 KB)
Election Notice 50-kpi 01/02/2022 View (372 KB)
Nodal Officers Order 11/01/2022 View (572 KB)
Medical Board Order in connection with the SAE-2022 12/01/2022 View (134 KB)